How to Play

5p0rtz is a network of betting games and tournaments available on your mobile.  All our games are simple and fun-to-play; so pit your skill and knowledge against other players and remember, the prizes are ALWAYS won!

The games (which, when played for real-money, are all run as pool betting tournaments) are split into two categories:

Predictor - answer a series of questions relating to the outcome of a sporting event 

Fantasy - select a team of real-life players to earn you points based on your picks' performances


With all the real-money games our prize funds increase as more and more players enter.

In both Predictor and Fantasy games your picks score points, and we rank you on a leaderboard. The highest scorers win a share of the prize fund.

Remember you don't have to get all the answers right or pick the perfect team to win; you just need to be the highest scorer in the game.

Choose a Game

Games are listed in order of start time, so the next game to start is always shown at the top.  

Within each game you'll see various different entry fees, the current number of players in the pool and the current prize fund. 

When you've decided on the game you wish to enter click on the red 'PLAY' button. This will take you to the entry page where you make predictions, answer questions or select your line-up. Once you have completed all the choices, click the red 'ENTER GAME' button. We will then ask you to confirm your entry and once you've finished, you're in!

Qualifying Games

These games are exclusive to

Each entry in a qualifying game will ALSO count towards your score in the weekly and monthly competitions. 

Qualifying Games usually cost £5 to enter.

Big Match Predictor

This game consist of answering some simple questions about the day's big match in which players must predict certain key outcomes and events. Points are awarded for correct predictions or, in “Nearest Wins” questions, for the predictions closest to the outcome. You get to nominate 1 pick as a Banker to score double points. 

Fantasy 5-a-side

This game requires players to pick a Goalkeeper, a Defender, 2 Midfielders and a Striker from those available. Each selection contributes points to your total score for certain achievements during the relevant match/matches such as goals, assists or cards. The only rule is that you can only pick one player from each real-life club. Some players earn 2x or 3x points so it can be worth looking at the clubs lower down the league table for your picks. You also get to nominate 1 pick as a Captain to score double points.

Football Coupon

This game consists of predicting the match result of 12 of the highest profile games across top European Leagues/Cups each weekend. The Football Coupon will always start at Saturday 3pm and will be a combination of short-price "favourites" with harder to pick games.  Points are weighted to reflect % chance of each outcome. So an 80% chance will score 10 points but a 10% chance may score 100 points. You get to nominate 1 pick as a Banker to score double points. 

Fight Night Predictor

The Fight Night game consists of answering some simple questions about the weekend's big UFC and Boxing bouts in which players must predict certain key outcomes and events. Points are awarded for correct predictions or, in “Nearest Wins” questions, for the predictions closest to the outcome. You get to nominate 1 pick as a Banker to score double points. 

Weekend Warrior

This game consists of answering 10-12 Yes/No questions about the weekend's sporting action. The game will cover a huge variety of the top televised sport across football, horseracing, F1, boxing, UFC, rugby, cricket and more. You get to nominate 1 pick as a Banker to score double points. 


5p0rtz unique Competitions give you more ways to win.

Each Competition will display a start date and an end date and the number of Qualifying Games which will be open for entry. 

Your Competition scores are your best scores accumulated from a set number of Qualifying Games over the relevant time period. They don't cost any additional money to enter. 

What are you waiting for? Get in a game now!






Some pools have guaranteed prizefunds and these are designated by a G sign in the Lobby. This means that the Prizefund is guaranteed to be a minimum amount (as stated) however many entries there are. 


Tournament Types

There are three different types of tournament on Unlimited, 10-Max and Heads-Up.


Unlimited tournaments are available to all players and have no limit on the number of entries. Each player can enter more than once but only by making a different set of selections each time. The prizefund in each unlimited tournament will be the aggregate of all the entry fees minus the administration fee. The number of prizes paid out in an unlimited tournament depends on the number of entries. See Payout Structure.

10 Max

10 Max tournament are restricted to 10 entries only. Players may enter any number of these tournamenta but can only enter each of them once. The prizefund for each 10 Max tournament will be the aggregate of all the players’ entry fees minus the administration fee and will pay out as follows: 67% to 1st and 33% to 2nd if there are 10 entries, but only 1 prize (100% of net prizefund) if not. A 10 Max tournament will only go "live" if there are at least 5 entries, otherwise it will be void.

Heads Up

Heads Up tournaments are restricted to 2 entrants. Players may enter any number of these tournaments but can only enter each of them once (you cannot play against yourself!). The net prizefund of each Heads Up tournament will be the sum of the two players' entry fees minus the administration fee. A Heads Up tournament will pay a single prize (unless it is tied). A Heads Up tournament will only go "live" if there are two entries.

Jackpot Tournaments

Jackpot Tournaments are designated with a “J” symbol in the lobby. These tournaments carry a Jackpot Bonus a jackpot bonus (the amount of the Jackpot will be in the pool title and description) which players entering the game are eligible to win if they successfully meet the winning criteria set out in the tournament description.

In Predictor and Fantasy tournaments this means predicting the answer for each question correctly and precisely.

Only one Jackpot Bonus can be won in each game, which includes all the possible stakes in that tournament. If two (or more) players win the Jackpot Bonus in the same tournament, the Jackpot Bonus will be shared by the winning players.

Editing your Answers

Each player is able to change their answers until the start time of the event which is displayed in the tournament details.

To change your answers, navigate to view your current answers, then simply click on the 'EDIT' button and you will be able to see the answers you have chosen and change the ones you wish to change.

When you've finished editing your answers, you will see the message 'CHANGES SAVED'. 

Payout Structure

The payout of prizes varies for each type tournament and depends on the amount of players entered.

For all payouts if two or more players tie for a position, the relevant prizes are added together and divided by the number of those tied to calculate the amount awarded to each one.

The amount of the prize will be added to the account balance immediately after the tournament has been settled. Prizes will be rounded to the nearest penny.

The standard payout structure for unlimited tournaments will add more prizes the more entries are in the pool as detailed below. The payout structure is shown in the description when you join, but the number of prizes awarded and the prizes themselves may change as more players enter.

Predictor and Fantasy Unlimited (unless otherwise stated)

  • for up to 9 entries, there will be only one prize, 1st Prize, which will receive 100% of the net prizefund (entry fees minus administration fee)
  • for 10 or more entries, additional prizes will be added each time the number of entrants increases past a multiple of ten (1 additional prize) up to 30 players, then 15 (1 additional prize) up to 60 players, then 20 (1 additional prize) up to 100 players, then 25 (1 additional prize) and 2 additional prizes for every 50 players added.
  • the net prizefund will be split so that second prize is approximately 50% of first prize, third prize will be approximately 50% of second prize and smaller prizes will step down in smaller increments.
  • Unless otherwise stated this is the standard payout structure applicable for all Unlimited Predictor and Fantasy Pools.

10 Max

  • for tournaments with 10 entries exactly 66.7% of the net prizefund will be paid to the winner of each pool and 33.3% will be paid to the runner-up in each pool.
  • If theer are less than 10 entries there will be only one prize paid out.

Heads Up

  • 100% of the net prizefund will be paid to the winner.


The easiest way to fund your account is by a debit/credit card. accepts most commonly used credit and debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Laser). We also accept Neteller. Simply click on 'Deposit' at the top of the homepage or in your Profile page and follow the onscreen instructions which will take you through to our secure payment page. You will need to have your card with you to enter your Security Code (3 digit code on the back of your card)  and to enter your password to make a deposit. All of our payments are processed by Axcess Payments Limited which is a fully PCI-DSS certified payments services company. does not receive or retain any financial information provided by you. Your funds will be available in your account as soon as the transaction is authorised by the payment services company. does not charge you for making deposits on the website (but your card provider may do - please check).

Deposit Limits

Minimum deposit is £10. Maximum deposit limits are: per transaction £250; per week £1,000; per month £3,000. If you would like to increase these limits, please contact our helpdesk.


You may withdraw all or part of your cash balance from your account at any time (subject to our Terms & Conditions). Simply click on 'My Account' at the top right of the homepage, and then click on the 'Account Management' tab. Then, click on 'Withdraw' and then enter the amount that you wish to withdraw; you will also be asked to enter your password to confirm the transaction. You can withdraw money to any of your registered cards, but only to a card that has been used to make a successful deposit with Our payment services company charges an £0.80p fee for withdrawals under £100. Valid withdrawal requests will normally be processed by us within 24 hours but may take between 1 and 5 working days to clear depending on your bank. If you provide us with further information (copy of passport or driving licence required), you may also withdraw from your account by means of a direct bank transfer (subject to £100 minimum and player status). To do this, we will need you to provide your bank account details (account name, sort code and account number). We do NOT store your bank account details so we will require this information for every bank transfer request you make.

Withdrawal limits

The maximum withdrawal per transaction is £1,000. If you wish to withdraw more than this amount in a single transaction please contact the helpdesk.

Cancelling/Voiding Question or Entries may void a question or entry for reasons including, but not limited to: cancelled or postponed events or elements of an event which make the tournament invalid; suspected criminal or fraudulent activity; data errors where the nature of a tournament has been unacceptably distorted by a clear data or administrative error. In the unlikely event that a tournament remains open to enter after the underlying event has started, whether through an error on our part or because the start time of the event was brought forward, we reserve the right to void any entries to the tournament we believe have gained an advantage by entering after the actual start time of the event. If you believe this may have happened, please contact the helpdesk. Some questions may make specific provisos about the possibility of voiding if certain criteria are not met.

We also reserve the right to void any entry that we may reasonably believe is under age or involved with any criminal and/or fraudulent activity or any entry by a player previously banned from the website.


In some circumstances, a tournament may be voided. Normally this will be a result of the particular event being cancelled or postponed for more than 24 hours. But a tournament may also be voided if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal or fraudulent activity or if is unable to satisfactorily determine the outcome of the event itself. If a tournament is cancelled or voided, stakes will be refunded in full. will announce the reason(s) for cancelling or voiding a tournament as soon as reasonably possible. If an event is cancelled before the start time, all tournaments relating solely to that event will be cancelled. If the event forms part of a larger tournament  that tournament will stand unless more than half the events contributing to it are cancelled. If an event is postponed, all related tournaments will normally be cancelled or voided if the event does not go ahead within 24 hours of the original scheduled start time.

Errors, Omissions and Changes

If an error is made in setting up a tournament  or a question within a tournament  we reserve the right to void that tournament question if we feel the intention behind the tournament question is obscured by the error. However, if an error is made but it remains obvious what is intended, the tournament question will normally stand. In the event of an error in the settlement of a tournament (for example, incorrect data is used to answer a question), in order to recompense the correct winners, we reserve the right, if appropriate, to reclaim any winnings paid out in error.


Self exclusion

Should you need to take a break from gambling, we provide a 'self exclusion' facility which can be accessed through the ‘My Account’ button at the top of the page, or which can be set up by our Helpdesk upon request. Self exclusion means that your account will remain closed for a minimum period of 6 months and will not be reactivated under any circumstances during the exclusion period.

We recommend that you seek additional support and advice from a professional problem gambling support agency (such as during the self exclusion period.
Although the minimum period of time that self-exclusion can be set is six months, there is no maximum period of time and self-exclusion can be permanent.

At the end of the six month exclusion period, your account will not be automatically reopened. If you would like us to consider reactivating your account (which cannot be guaranteed) please contact the helpdesk.

Under 18s has a zero tolerance attitude towards underage gambling and will employs software checks to verify the age of all users. If we suspect that you are under 18 we will suspend your account pending an investigation and may require further evidence that you are 18 or over before re-activating your account.

Verifying your Account

As we are a regulated betting site, we are required to verify the personal information you provide when you register an account. Firstly, we ask you to verify the email address you have provided, which we will use to contact you about your account, by clicking on the link we send you after you have completed registration.

Normally we are able to verify your personal information automatically and you will be able to deposit money into your account and play our games immediately. But in some circumstances we are not able to verify your information automatically. There could be a number of reasons for this and if this is the case please first check that the information you have provided is correct and if not please edit the registration form and resubmit.

But if we still cannot verify your information, we will need to ask you to provide copies of documents so that we can verify your account manually. We need to ask you to send us, by email, copies of two forms of ID:

1) A copy of your Passport OR Driving Licence showing clearly your name and date of birth (other forms of photo-ID maybe acceptable if they include your Date of Birth);


2) A recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement showing clearly your name and address (other forms of address verification may be acceptable).

You can email these documents to the email address on our Contact Us page on the website. Once we have received your documents and verified your account we will confirm and you will be able to deposit and play. Please note that we do not store your documents on our servers, we only use them to verify your account.

Good luck in the pools!

Rollover pools carry a single jackpot prize which can only be won by answering all questions exactly and precisely. If more than one player answers all questions exactly and precisely, they will share the prizefund.

Some Rollover pools may payout consolation prizes for "near misses". Details of these will always be published in the pool rules.

If the prizefund in a Rollover pool is not won, it will "rollover" into the next designated pool. Details will be published in each pool description.

If a question in a Rollover pool is void - for instance a football match is abandoned - then the single jackpot prize cannot be won. In these circumstances players who answer all remaining questions exactly and precisely will have their entry fees refunded. However in pools where consolation prizes are available, then these will still be paid out.

If an entire Rollover pool has to be voided then all the entry fees from the current pool will be returned to players and the prizefund will "rollover" to the next pool.

Rollover pools are available to all players and will display "Rollover" in the pool title, heading and description.

NB: Bonus money/Points cannot be used to enter Rollover pools.

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